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Stevie Wilson is a renowned lifestyle blogger who runs LA-Story.com. She’s been using Creatop for the past week, and we were excited to see a glowing review from her yesterday.

“I was recently introduced to a new fitness product that is light years beyond anything I have seen in the fitness/ workout performance product category,” she says.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 1.19.27 PM

Stevie works out 6-7 days per week. She found Creatop to be very effective, particularly pre-workout, and it helped a lot post-workout to prevent delayed onset muscle soreness. “I liked that when I used this spray, it helped me perform better, longer with less after-effects,” she says. “It’s that simple.”

Stevie goes on to say that Creatop is a smart addition to any rigorous exercise regimen. “It will help stabilize your performance and help you to focus on the small details that you want to smooth out to get you to the next level!” she writes. “It’s definitely a product I will keep using!”

We’re glad you enjoyed it, Stevie.

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