Staying Fit While Traveling


Whether for work or pleasure, many of us are lucky to be able to travel. And with spring break just around the corner, it helps to be reminded that sometimes even the smallest change in routine is enough to throw our healthy habits out of whack quickly.

Here are our five favorite on-the-go exercises, healthy eating tips, and other helpful tricks to help stay fit while you travel. These are all small, easy changes, so give one or more of them a try next time you travel!

  1. First off, bring your workout gear. This seems like an obvious one. But there’s a lot of small stuff you might need when you work out! Think of all the items you wear or take with you to the gym, like a sports bra, fitness tracker, water bottle, socks, you name it. Missing one of those items can be enough to skip the workout when you’re YOLOing on vacation, so make it a priority to pack before you even leave the house.
  2. Bring a workout plan you can do anywhere. Hotel rooms are often spacious and most hotels have at least some sort of gym, but even if not, there are many simple and efficient exercises you can do with no equipment at all, like squats, burpees, sit-ups, push-ups, tricep dips (on a chair or bathtub) and 60-second planks. Via Haute Living
  3. Get sleep. There are tons of health reasons to get lots of sleep, but it’s extra important on vacation when you’re out of your typical routine. Beside baggy eyes and that dreaded groggy feeling, sleep deprivation can have long term health consequences like obesity, heart disease and diabetes.
  4. Whatever you do, don’t overeat. Overeating causes biological changes in the body that can lead to more food cravings and cause your stomach to send mixed signals about when it’s actually full. Via NPR
  5. “Bring some of your own snacks on flights; I love bringing avocados and trail mix. And traveling on planes dehydrates you, so you want to be drinking even more water than normal.”Pro surfer Lakey Peterson via PopSugar

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