8 Ways to Stay Motivated

Isn’t it funny how, every year, we use January 1st as THE ONE DAY we have, the only chance this year, to make a change? Really, it’s no different than any other day. Mentally though, we start fresh. New year, new goals, new us.

But right about now is the time when those resolutions can start to fade. In fact, 64% of resolution-setters only last through the first month (StatisticBrain.com).

Whether it’s wanting to bulk up, slim down, eat more veggies, eat less sugar, or just generally have more energy, your fitness goals are just that – yours. Unless you have a personal trainer waiting for you at the gym, realistically no one’s getting you there but you. And staying motivated on your own is not easy.

We’ve curated 8 tips to stay motivated. Try a couple out – and don’t give up on what you know you really want.

    1. GoodLife FitnessA Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers study found the average user checks their phone nearly 150 times every day. That’s more than 1,000 little reminders every week.


    1. David, triathlete, 59, Illinois: “After every workout, I write a note about how it made me feel. Sometimes it’s that I’m glad I went, I feel energized, or that I want to increase the resistance/weight for next time. I can tell you that it never says ‘I regret exercising.’”


    1. Turn it up! Research at Brunel University in London showed that listening to music during exercise can both delay fatigue and lessen the perception of fatigue, as well as increase physical capacity, improve energy efficiency, and influence mood.


    1. bfit516Even if their main motivation is getting a treat.


    1. Justine, runner, 27, Florida: “I make deals with myself to get through tough workouts. Toward the end of a run, I bet myself I can’t run 3 more miles. Then I do it. It seems weird, but there’s no better motivation than proving myself wrong.”


    1. Accountability is key. On paper, email or using stickk.com, up the stakes a bit by creating a contract with your friends or family that says you’ll reach your goal. If you skip the gym, miss a deadline or drop out of your goal, pay up.


    1. Because, science. Author Charles Duhigg says to create a neurological “habit loop,” in which you 1. Trigger the behavior (set out your shoes next to your bag), 2. The routine (making it through the workout), and then 3. The reward (smoothie, for example). The extrinsic reward is so powerful because your brain can latch on to it and make the link that the behavior is worthwhile. Over time, the motivation becomes intrinsic, as the brain begins to associate sweat and pain with the surge of endorphins. (DailyBurn.com)


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