The Creatop Story

Developed by a Beverly Hills dermatologist, Creatop is a double-patented body spray that gives you energy.  Powered by creatine, a natural molecule that gives energy to cells, Creatop is the first body spray that energizes athletes and fitness participants.  With Creatop, you just “spray and play”!

Research & Development

David Stoll M.D., a Beverly Hills dermatologist,, developed Creatop after many years of research and development.  Skin testing, safety testing and efficacy testing were conducted at the world’s leading independent laboratories and research facilities.  Additionally, top athletes and fitness experts were involved in perfecting Creatop.  There are two patents supporting the Creatop brand.

Safety Profile

Oral creatine supplements give you energy, but they can cause upset stomach, gas and weight gain.  Not so with Creatop!  This energizing body spray is safe based upon years of testing and use.