Who should use Creatop?

Anyone from dancers to bodybuilders.  If you’re into jogging, cardio workouts, yoga, baseball, cycling or any type of activity, Creatop is your energy source.

How do you apply Creatop?

Spray on all over 5 – 10 minutes before exercising or sports activity and rub in.  For best results, spray on all over after the activity as well to lock in the energy.

How should I use Creatop?

You can use Creatop before and/or after exercise.  Some people use Creatop even when they don’t exercise.

Can I use Creatop even if I am taking oral creatine?

Absolutely. There are many people who do just that.

Is there an age limit to using Creatop?


What if I spray Creatop in my eyes?

Just wash your eyes with cold water.