Fitness Blogs We Love – Lift Like A Girl

Personal fitness is so subjective. Everyone has different fitness levels and measures of success. As Creatop is useful and helpful for so many types of people, we study fitness from every possible point of view.

The best way to keep up with new ideas, workouts and trends from every corner of the fitness world? We are avid readers of other fitness blogs.

We love the no-nonsense approach to fitness taken by writer Nia Shanks in Lift Like A Girl. In an era of intimidation, a sea of tricks to “getting that perfect body” and feeling the need to “punish” ourselves at the gym, Shanks provides some much-needed perspective. She writes about keeping sustainable goals, knowing your version of “perfection” and being comfortable in your own skin.


“The primary goal of this website, and ‘Lifting Like a Girl’ in general, is to equip you with information to become the best version of yourself,” she writes. “To improve your health and make your entire life better, and more awesome. It’s a way for you to discover the amazing things your body can do.

It’s about embracing the truth that numbers don’t define your self-worth.

Knowing that exercise is not punishment and you don’t have to earn your food.

It’s about using health and fitness as a tool for empowerment, to improve your self confidence, and achieve any goals you have (e.g., lose fat, build muscle, etc) in a fun, sustainable way. And, finally, health and fitness is meant to be part of your life; not consume it.”

We’re big fans and look forward to her next post! Check out Nia’s latest post here.