Fitness Bucket List


We enjoyed reading this article the other day about the top fitness bucket list goals the writer wanted to accomplish in life.

While a sprint triathlon and six minute mile are among some fantastic goals, there are a few we’d like to add!

Spend a day trying a water- or snow-based sport

And we don’t mean sitting on a boat! From kayaking to kiteboarding, skiing to snowboarding, water, ice and snow make for a much different challenge than the concrete and pavement many of us are used to. These natural surfaces can be more unpredictable at different times of the day or year. Adding that extra challenge keeps your body and mind at their sharpest.

Run a 10K

The 5K is the most popular race distance, with a half-marathon coming in at #2 on the list. For many, a 5K is not that challenging, but they don’t have the time to dedicate themselves to half-marathon training. Running a 10K race, or 6.2 miles, is a great way to train for a longer race without disrupting your daily schedule.

Spend one week without sugar. Then maybe more.

Spend a little time detoxing and feel the benefits almost immediately. More energy for your workouts = better workouts = better you. Hooked on that morning caramel latte? Spray on Creatine instead for an energy boost and take a healthy breakfast with you to work. You might even go longer than a week.

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