Our Creatine Spray

Many people who use oral creatine say they hate the taste, get stomach aches or bloating, or any number of other side effects. Before now, the industry was limited to taking creatine this way.

Dr. David Stoll saw a need in the fitness industry for a new type of creatine supplement; one that was easier to use, with no side effects. So he created Creatop, a spray with the main active ingredient being creatine — one of the most-researched and highly popular supplements in the fitness world.

Now that Creatop is on the shelves, we are proud to be changing the game in fitness supplements.

So what else is in Creatop? Contributing active ingredients are chondroitin, a chemical that is normally found in cartilage around joints in the body, and glucosamine, which supports the structure and function of joints. Glucosamine is one of the most common non-vitamin, non-mineral, dietary supplements used by adults in the U.S.

Creatop is also alcohol-based so that it dries quickly and stays blended in with your skin. Some of the skin-focused ingredients include penetration enhancers, skin smoothing agents, and stabilizers.

There are NO steroids and NO hormones in Creatop.

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