Q&A with the creator, Dr. David Stoll

Creatop was created by Dr. David Stoll, a Board certified, award-winning dermatologist in Beverly Hills, California. Dubbed the “Dermatologist to the Stars”, Dr. Stoll is the author of the popular book “A Woman’s Skin,” was selected to write the Dermatology chapter in the “Textbook of Woman’s Health” and has been on a Nobel Prize in Medicine winning team of skin researchers.

Dr. Stoll has developed many skin care products and treatments over the decades, including his latest innovation, Creatop. We spoke with him about creating the product.


What is the mission of Creatop?

Dr. Stoll: To give a safe and effective way of getting energy. And not just for athletes, but for everyday people, too.

Creatop is the first product of its kind in the marketplace. How did you think of it?

Dr. Stoll: I’ve always had an interest in products that give people energy.  Back in the day, anabolic steroids and a compound called ephedra were very popular. But I didn’t like the side effects associated with them. Creatine gave energy with much fewer side effects. But it still had side effects like upset stomach, gas and weight gain. So, as a dermatologist, I decided to develop a topical version of creatine that gave the good effects without the bad effects.

How long did it take to create this product once you had the idea?

Dr. Stoll: First, I had to work with chemists to develop the formula. Then I applied for a patent on it. That whole process took a few years until I was able to get the patents.

What’s been the greatest obstacle in bringing this new product to market?

Dr. Stoll: The slow grind to prove that it is safe and effective. It involved getting the patent, then doing testing for mutagenicity, penetration testing, more safety testing, and finally the testing that showed that Creatop worked in 84% of the people who used it. It took a lot of time and money.

How do you expect this innovation to change the energy/supplement industry?

Dr. Stoll: This is the very first topically applied compound to give energy to its users. So right there is an amazing story. I suspect that many people will embrace this innovation.

When will we start seeing Creatop in stores?

Dr. Stoll: Our first push will be with an online presence.  After we have established ourselves for a while, we will be on the shelves soon enough.

What are you most excited about, now that Creatop is available to the public?

Dr. Stoll: That finally, after about a dozen years of research and development, everyone can share in the benefits of this great product. In the development stage, it was just a few people who were “in” on the idea. Now everyone can get energized.