Who should use Creatop?


It’s not lost on us that the word “creatine” can be intimidating. When you think of creatine, what comes to mind? For most people, big muscles, two-a-days at the gym, and gross, tasteless drinks are just a few associations with the common fitness supplement.

So why is Creatop different? And what kind of person benefits the most from using it?

Creatop, the first-ever creatine-based spray on the market, employs common molecules already found in the body in a concentrated energy spray. Simply put, Creatop provides an energy boost when – and where – you need it the most.

Creatop differs from common creatine supplements in that it has none of the side effects of oral creatine. This means no gross taste, no bloat, and no unwanted weight gain. This light, topical skin spray is right for absolutely everyone just looking for an energy boost. If you’re into jogging, cardio workouts, yoga, baseball, cycling, weightlifting or any type of activity, Creatop is your energy source.

Studies have also shown that Creatop gives you energy even when you don’t work out. This makes Creatop a great solution for anyone from on-the-go parents to busy college students.

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