Why We’re Better

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When you think of creatine, you probably think of the big buckets of powder that you scoop out and mix up. Before now, this was really the only thing anyone thought of when they heard about the supplement. The industry was limited to taking creatine this way, and the stomach aches, bad aftertaste and other side effects were just something we had to deal with.

Not anymore. Celebrity dermatologist Dr. David Stoll saw that the fitness industry needed a new type of creatine supplement; one that was easier to use, with no side effects. So he created Creatop, a spray with creatine as the main active ingredient — one of the most-researched and highly popular supplements in the fitness world.

Other active ingredients in Creatop include chondroitin, a chemical that is normally found in cartilage around joints, and glucosamine, which supports joint function.

Our spray has been used as part of pre- and post-workout routines, as a healthier replacement for coffee in the morning, and as a boost of much-needed energy between meetings in the afternoon. Former skeptics are now regular users and the product is making its way into the hands of more and more people who need that extra boost.

Take advantage of our introductory pricing and give us a try today. Questions or concerns? Ask us on Twitter at @CreatopSpray.